Adventures in Infrastructure Design – Regular Webinar

Since passing the VCDX,  I have been helping out a lot with mentoring.

I enjoy creating blog posts, running mocks and completing design reviews. 

It is especially rewarding to see the change in design approach  and improved skillsets as people travel through the VCDX process.

As my time is  a little limited with work, and family.  I will now be running a regular  webex session on all things Infrastructure design incorporating VCDX mentoring.

This session will, at times be primarily aimed at the VCDX journey, with mocks and process discussions.  

However,  I will also be looking to discuss anything related to infrastructure design (Partner solutions,  vendors,  use cases, etc).

The biggest reward from mentoring is the continued learning process I have found myself in.  

To remain useful,  I need to understand the technologies the candidates are working with and how they relate back to  design.

I thought this material may be of interest to other people in the field and start some good discussions along the way. 

To register your interest in the first session on May 9th  please sign up here.

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