ElasticSky – VMware Hands On Lab Challenge

Recently. I had the pleasure of being asked to come up with an idea for a VMware Hands On Lab (HOL).

The VMware HOLs are an amazing resource for upskilling and trying out new technology.    Although I have my own home lab set up,   I still use the HOLs, especially for final preparation on certifications and client demos.  

As a freelance contractor, I normally spend a bit of time discussing requirements with end clients and  help transform existing platforms to take advantage of the new technologies such as NSX and vSAN.  

Timelines are often challenging with existing applications running in production,  downtime or disruption to operations  is always to be minimised.

My challenge lab is based on this concept.  Specifically,  introducing vSAN and NSX in an existing platform with minimal outage.

The lab can be accessed using this link ,   There is a also a  promotion of winning a Go Pro  too!

A couple of great guides have been released (links below)  by VMware on this subject.   NSX and vSAN are great toolkits to meet customer requirements in a number of ways.  It is great to see brownfield and migration papers such as these.

vSAN migration guide 

NSX Brownfield Guide 

I would like to thank the Hands On Labs team for creating the lab based on my initial idea,  and Phil Peters for his help on whole  initiative.

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