Guest on the VCDX Podcast

I am a passionate advocate for the VCDX program by VMware. 

The learning journey I followed really helped me professionally.  From a technical perspective I use the process and skills I gained by achieving the VCDX  every day with customers.

Now I work for VMware,  I am very honoured to be part of the VCDX Panel team and have the pleasure of listening to candidates present their designs.  It’s great to see how people think different from a design perspective and how designs can be communicated.

When I started my ever changing VMware Certification journey, I stumbled on a Blog  called – SLOG that provided lots of VMware & VCP advice, reviews etc.   

The  website author, Simon Long went on a VCDX and VMware employee journey himself, although he moved to Datrium before I joined full time at VMware.  I am very happy  to have been asked to join Simon on an episode of his VCDX podcast.

We had a great discussion on “Learning from previous mistakes”.   The podcast episode is available here

Thanks very much Simon,  it was great talking to you on the episode.