Infrastructure as a service, & what this means for the future.


I recently presented at an FDM graduate evening.

FDM is a international company that offers graduates or new IT professionals an intensive IT training program, and if successful, a placement with one of their blue chip clients.

I have worked alongside several FDM graduates at a client of mine and I must say, they are top notch, hence I was honoured to be asked to present at one of their events by the head of infrastructure.

The audience consisted of a varied skill set, project managers, skilled IT pros and new graduates.

My presentation was based around the changing methods of service delivery, Cloud computing, a review of a recent vCloud project I have recently worked on, and a discussion on what all this new technology means to the IT guy.

With new technology emerging, great functionality like application monitoring within HA becoming imbraced, it could be seen that the role of the IT guy is being squeezed or the demand will reduce. However, as I mentioned on the evening, the demands and roles are still there, just evolving alongside the technology.

In my humble opinion, IT professionals are now required to be more operating system agnostic, budget cuts may force engineers to pursue various vendors not just the main players.

Knowing more than one technology will definitely help the Job application. It is now more about application or data delivery. Users require their applications or data from various locations, on a multitude of devices, it's not just the windows laptop any more; from iPads, to Android mobiles it's becoming more of a challenge to remain enabled to support the user.

This maybe a scary time for some, but isn't this all part of the fun being an IT Professional?

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