My VMware Press – VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide Released On Kindle

The kindle version of my VCAP5-DCD study guide is now available on Amazon.   Published by VMware Press with  the team from Pearson,


this project was a massive learning experience,  but a very rewarding one.

I am honoured to  have been given the opportunity  to put my experiences  designing real  life VMware based solutions and teaching the vSphere design workshop down on paper.  Especially with such a great Vendor and publishing team.

I wrote the guide in my spare time, mainly while  commuting between London and Hampshire.   With the excellent  reference resources for VMware    technology already created by some very talented people, I decided to approach the guide with the mindset of a VCP5-DCV qualified engineer who has yet  to complete  a full design.

How do you make the transition from engineer to architect?  Whats the process?    The VCAP5-DCD blueprint is full of recommended reading material,  what at the important bits,  the sheer volume is daunting.

This guide is my attempt of documenting a design process and illustrating the main components of the thoughts behind real life design work with VMware technology.  What is important to consider,  how show we approach design  problems and ultimately create a good questioning  and design method.

By having this process in mind while studying the other recommended resources ,  it should help the reader digest important aspects of the technical  information  and prepare for the VCAP5-DCD exam/  real life design projects.

Gathering requirements, developing a design to implementation with the associated project documentation  all while showing insight and  design choice justification is what a professional consultant strives to do every day.  The VCAP5-DCD is just one great way of validating you can do it with VMware technology.

Thanks to the team at VMware Press, and  especially my Wife, Carolyn   for all their support and help on this project.

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