NSX-T enablement mind map, & useful links

Following the amazing release of  NSX-T 2.4  and the recent VVD / VCF  enhancements that now support the network virtualization platform, I have recently spent some time reviewing and self-enabling deeper on NSX-T.

NSX-T Architecture Mind Map

From an architect perspective, the maturity of network and security features within NSX-T across platform architectures make it a requirement to be well versed.   

With the introduction of HCX being supported from 2.4.1 allowing the mass onboarding of workloads from vSphere, and NSX-V,  the use within larger-scale  HCI platforms is going to be more common.

Below is a list of my recommended links & my architecture overview  mind map .

There is also a new VMware Education course released for the 2.4 version.

Due to the dynamic and fast-moving nature of the NSX releases the below content is useful for understanding,  however, features change & improve between releases.  They will need to be reviewed against the NSX-T release notes to ensure the approaches and facts are valid with the specific build being used.


NSX-T use case & Architecture  – great overviews of components, &  data flow.

Feature deep dives ,  packet walks, & good practices.
Operational considerations – Upgrades, automation & monitoring.
Design Thoughts  – Reference architecture discussions.  
NSX-T  2.4 Update Videos  & demos.
Useful related Articles