Post VCDX defense thoughts | You will be notified in 10 days.

You will be notified in  10 days……
Now breathe, the defense is over.  However, the  process isn’t…
VCDX panelists are very friendly and polite, but, they are not going to give any clue on whether you passed or failed.
So, until you have that VCDX welcome email,  it’s still prep time.


Post defense thoughts

Write all the questions and answers you can remember down now.  

These are vital clues into design and knowledge weakness the panel thought after their review. These were areas they wanted answered to get you a pass. If you were unsuccessful – weave the answers and areas into your accepted documentation set and ensure you have them covered in your next presentation at a minimum.  

List in the order of probing questions what infrastructure quality or datacenter layers  were  mentioned.

This will give you specific areas for improvement.   These are areas  that your documentation / design needs to give you a better chance of passing.


List  the  “I don’t knows”

Look up the answers and links for study.


Spend another 1/2 hour or so on the design question they gave you.  

How would you solve it now under no pressure?

Draw out a high level conceptual diagram and a logical diagram sketch for each datacenter layer

Have this as a past exam paper for studying next time – just in case …  

If you were successful 


If you were not successful,

See how the the overall VCDX panel feedback aligns to the above.

Discuss this with a VCDX mentor.  

The VCDX defense is  great  experience – pass or fail.

If it didn’t go your way, get grumpy for a day or two, but  please don’t give up,  just  take it on the chin, and go in again.

Have a resubmission  action plan.

You may have one of same panelists next time.
Make sure you plug the holes that were asked to be filled in the room, before you re-enter.

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