Adventures in Infrastructure Design – VCDX Defense Day

It is VCDX defense week and as part of my mentoring activities I organised a webinar with a number of VCDXs.   

I was very happy and honoured to have had the help from 4 recent VCDXs (Lior, Rebecca, Sjors, & Shady)  and 40+ attendees online.  

We covered final mentoring sessions, final study,  tips for the design defense and the design scenario.  

We finished off with a smaller session running  2 design Mocks (Thanks to Brian & Bali for doing this in front of  a few people online).   

Some of the content was recorded and I have clipped it together for reference.  (Click here to view).

The document Shady used to present is available here,  while my mind map on the VCDX design scenario is here. 

All presenters are mentors,  we have no knowledge on how the panelists score the defense.  We are just helping based on experience on our way to passing the VCDX.

Thanks for all you support.    Hopefully we can all get together again soon.  

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