SWVMUG Presentation – vROPS & VLI – Its Installed now what do I do?

Recently I was invited by a fellow vExpert friend of mine Simon Eady to present at the SWVMUG session on a requested topic of vROPs and vLI.

I have been spending my time on these products  within a couple of client projects recently  and they are discussed regularly in VCDX mentoring sessions. 

Most technical how to content is already covered in detail by VMware and the wider community.  

I  took the approach of the day 2 operationalising  for the business and design validation / risk mitigation.  

This is an area that is useful for the real world and the VCDX submission.  

I created a few slides, new design  mindmaps for vROPS and vLI and a quick demo.  

These  are available here for anyone who finds them useful. 

Thanks very much to Simon and the team for having me.  A great venue, nice people  and lots of good chats on the subject.

 Hopefully  I will get the chance to visit again soon.

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