VCAP-DCD 5 Passed.

I have just upgraded my VCAP-DCD to version 5. I thought it was worth a few words on my blog.

For people who have taken the version 4 exam, design methodology and vSphere design hasn’t really changed that much.

The new functionality in vSphere 5 has changed some of the design choices and considerations (i.e. HA cluster designs).

My recent VCAP5-DCD article for Pearson covers what to expect and some tips/resources.

Overall, the exam is pretty challenging, a few helpful tips,

  1. Read up on the impact of the version 5 updates and changes
  2. Know the VMware design terminology inside out (I really do mean this one).
  3. Review and understand the best practices highlighted in the whitepapers.
  4. Cover the vSphere product range at a high level. Understand what each product can help with.
  5. Understand host, and cluster sizing, and the effect of additional functionality on these numbers

I would say the main challenge for studying and succeeding with this cert is the lack of resources out there. The blueprint points to various whitepapers, and the official Design workshop, the papers are well written but not the perfect media for a techie learning about design and in some cases either too high or level for this cert. The exam is very new though, and resources are growing.

Good luck to all who are about to take it. Next up the VCAP5-DCA

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