VCDX Mentoring Series with Customer Connect

Since transitioning to a panelist role for the VCDX program almost 3 years ago, I have missed the mentoring aspect. Working with VCDX candidates was very rewarding and a helpful learning experience for me to understand other business project use cases and designs.
I still get VCDX mentoring requests and recommend others in the field who may help. However, there is always a limited amount of time for people to volunteer. Typically mentoring is limited to design reviews, final mocks, and some 1:1 Q&A.

How would a person looking to achieve the VCDX develop the skills to create the design and deliver a presentation in the first place?
Having completed a VCP and maybe one VCAP, there is still a lot to do, and the journey to VCDX can seem confusing.

Over the past couple of months, I have been working with Diane Mayer and Daniela Quesada from the VMware Customer Connect Learning (VCCL), team to help plan a dedicated mentoring webinar series for the VCDX program.

With Karl Childs’s tremendous support, Customer Connect Learning has now teamed up with over 20 VCDX holders to discuss each phase of the VCDX journey in detail.

I joined the VCCL team and Karl Childs alongside the presenters for the first webinar. Each session is recorded and provides technical approaches that a VCDX candidate can use to succeed in their journey.

Common questions such as How to get started? , What makes a good project?, What to submit? , are discussed, but in addition, deep dives into areas such as logical design and risk mitigation are covered.
These deeper areas are often stumbling blocks at the submission and on defense day.

Links to sessions

Thank you again to Diane Mayer, Daniela Quesada & Karl Childs for letting me be help develop the series.