My journey to achieving the VCDX certification was very useful for my real-world fieldwork as a solution architect.  The processes and methodology tuned to achieve the VCDX certification are highly relevant to all areas of technology and solution design.  The framework process to understand project-based decisions/justifications and risk mitigation helps me every day within the cloud solution space. 

I have benefited so much from the VCDX program and the VMware community as a whole.

The below-growing list of articles is aimed at helping other people in the community with their design skills.

I have previously mentored several successful VCDX candidates and enjoyed the process.    I am now, due to being a panelist within the program, no longer able to mentor directly.

In 2021 I collaborated with the VMware VCDX program and 20+ VCDX holders to create a VCDX Mentoring webinar series.  This would be an ideal place to start your journey.

If you are looking for a 1:1 mentor, please refer to the VCDX Directory. 

  1. Accepted Risks in Architectural Design
  2. The value of a VCDX documentation submission
  3. Is my design or project, good enough for VCDX?
  4. Risk management for the VCDX candidate
  5. Knowing and studying your VCDX design 
  6. VCDX Supporting Docs | Config, Install, & SETs 
  7. VCDX Supporting Docs | Validation Plans
  8. VCDX Supporting Docs | Implementation plans
  9. Preparing for the VCDX Defense Design Scenario
  10. The VCDX presentation deck – a technical conversation
  11. Post VCDX Defense Thoughts 
  12. When you are unsuccessful at VCDX  – now what?
  13. VCDX Defense Design Scenario –  Mindmap
  14. VCDX Submission – Mind Map
  15. VCDX – Disaster Recovery Mindmap