VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) – Private Cloud – Initial Review

Over the past few months I have been working on a number of projects using VMware Cloud  Foundation for private cloud.

The rapid deployment and consistent approach of a VMware based  SDDC has some excellent use cases. 

The platform is based upon the core VMware products with additional options and SKUs for items such as vROps , vRA  and Horizon. 

While the solution aims to enable  partners and enterprises to deliver a private cloud based upon the VMware VVD approach,  the platform from a technical perspective also requires some technical review and up-skilling to fully understand the operational impact, processes and  design choices prior to installation or integration.

My  mind map highlights my initial thoughts for quick up-skilling, rather than detailed design choices (additional posts coming soon).

The links below give an initial review of the components, processes and features.  There is also a VMware Hands On Lab to explore  the platform.

Useful Links

  1. Official Docs 
  2. Official Poster
  3. VMware – Deep Dive Video 
  4. vBrownbag community Techtalk – VMworld 2017 – by Girish Manmadkar
  5. VMware – Imaging process prep video
  6. VMware – Imaging process  video
  7. VMware – Bring Up process video
  8. VMware – Adding new hosts process video 
  9. VMware – Installing vRA process video
  10. Hands On Lab – HOL-1844-01-SLN 

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