VCP5-dt Passed, Review, and useful links

I have been a fan of VMware view for a long time.

The Impact the technology can have on a business is immense, not only for the administrator with centralised desktops, faster deployment and easier manageability, but also to the business user who has access to the desktop and more importantly the familiar network/toolset and data wherever they are.

The VCP5-DT has been on my list of certifications to do for a while, with my VCAP-DCD guide and my day job I had yet to get round to it (Shameful I know). I took this recently and thankfully cleared successfully.

The exam overall was fair.  As normal with VMware exams the blueprint was covered very well. No big surprises – a good mix of VMware View facts and troubleshooting.

The overall theme I got from the exam was – to understand Why VMware view would help and how it should be configured.

My review process for the exam was

  • To understand the use case of why you would use VMware View,
  • Design justifications and best practices. at a basic level
  • Logical diagram of the VMware Components and dependencies
  • Install requirements for each components
  • An install walk through – method and order of implementation
  • Types of pools, pros and cons for each – what unique about each one. –
  • PCOIP and RDP capabilities
  • Troubleshooting basics and logging – basic thin app – capture and update process

As part of my review process I used the below set of links and my lab kit.

  1.  VMware Community Bootcamp
  2. VCP5-DT study Notes 
  3.  VCP5-DT Notes By Earl Grey 
  4.  VMware View Lab Set Up Guides by
  5. Study Notes by Virtual Langer
  6. Useful Video Series from SysAdminTutorials
  7. EMC VMware View 5 Guide 
  8. Great Site For VDI  – My virtualCloud
  9. Official Practice Mock Exam
  10. Official Documentation Jump Page From VMware

Good luck with the exam.

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