vExpert 2013

Its been a great , but busy week.   A new project and teaching is always distracting, however I received some great news to sail though the madness!  I was awarded vExpert for a 2nd year.
Being given the vExpert 2012 was amazing, but two years running means such a lot.
I have to say being part of such an active community is the main benefit for me.  I learn so much from recommendations and the odd comment from other people working around the world.  I have lost count how many times a simple link mention from my vExpert gmail filter  has helped me look at a problem from a different perspective.    I’ve already booked my seat at VMworld Europe this year, so I will hopefully get to meet a few  in real life!
Thanks very much to John Troyer and the team for my vExpert 2013
PS :  Thanks very much for Tintri for my vExpert 2013 Polo Shirt and the great graphic.   Its nice to be a rock star once in my life  :>

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