vSAN phone home : vSAN Support Insight Mind map and useful links.

The introduction of any new technology to a business brings about risk and concern.   
The success of a project is often measured on how well the solution behaves in production and how easy it is to support.
vSAN Support Insight Mind Map
From a design perspective, planning and creating a solution with careful operational management considerations does indeed identify potential areas for enablement and process change.
However, this enablement or operationalizing phase is often shortened or left out due to project budget and time constraints.  
One feature within vSAN that does a lot for this part of a project process is vSAN Support Insight.
This feature is available to all vSAN production support customers,  and from a high level replaces the call home approach from traditional storage arrays. However, as with all software-defined technology, this feature offers much more.  
From automating the support logs upload process to performance and configuration reviews this feature covers the health, configuration, and performance of vSAN.
In recent discussions, I have found this feature of great interest by operational teams prior to going live. 
I have created a mind map on the subject and below are a list of some essential links to review the feature.
vSAN Support Insight info
Demo Video from Duncan Epping
VMworld Deep Dive Session
HCI2180BE – vSAN Support Insight – Inside Out
Working with vSAN Support Insight 
Finding you vCenter Guid & Enabling the service
Examples for discussions with security/compliance teams
Example of View from the backend
How to show what information is being sent to VMware.