vSAN Specialist 2019 exam review, checklist mind map & useful links

As part of my role at VMware,  vSAN is a core focus area of mine.   

I originally completed the vSAN specialist certification at VMworld US in 2017.  Today  I managed to get a chance to take the newly updated 2019 version. 

The 2019 vSAN specialist certification comprises of a single  2 hour  60 multi-choice question exam.  It was a very enjoyable test with a mixture of design, product theory, and operational questioning.  

The style of the exam is similar to a VCP  (In fact it assumes an active VCP-DCV),  It is based on vSAN 6.7 / 6.7U1  and concentrates on the tasks a vSAN admin needs to know to run a production platform.

As shown below in my objective checklist the exam blueprint gives an overview of the areas to concentrate on. 

A good method of study for this exam  would be to take each objective, 

  • Understand the use case from a business perspective (DR, Performance )
  • Review the design decisions from the VMworld videos, or deep dive guide.
  • Practice related operational tasks using a session on the  VMware Hands-on labs.
  • Review the use of the vSAN release notes.  interoperability guide,  HCL.
  • Review vSAN tooling ( Sizing tools, vROps,  Support insight, pro-active alerts).
vSAN Specialist 2019 blueprint study checklist

 I would expect someone who has some real hands-on experience with day to day vSAN tasks and exposure to good infrastructure design could pass this test with some theory study and lab practice.

As an architect, I would recommend anyone who is looking to design or help a team support vSAN to have a go at the certification for validation of skils.  

A list of resources I would recommend reviewing prior to the exam is shown below.

Recommended VMworld Videos
Useful Articles 
Trim/UnMap info1 & info 2 
Mind Maps

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