vSphere 6 End of Support

With the announcement of vSphere 7 and its exciting release about to happen,  there will be a-lot of businesses evaluating the upgrade and migration process.   Another important date this month was March 12, 2020.  The end of general support for vSphere 6.0.

On the VMware Learning Zone today I had the opportunity to discuss the process, and design thoughts an architect may need  to consider when faced with an existing vSphere 6.0 estate,  and how to ensure support going forward, while not limiting the introduction of vSphere 7.

The mindmap I used on the webinar is available here, and the links I mentioned are shown below.

I will post an update once the webinar is available to play after the live event.

Thanks again to the VMware Learning Zone team for the opportunity to discuss this in more detail.

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