Field Based Discussions on VMware Cloud Foundation at EMPOWER 2022

Last month I had the opportunity to present for the VMware EMPOWER 2022 online conference.  

This conference is primarily aimed at VMware partners, and from a technical perspective, the content is filled with field-based knowledge.

One of my technology focus areas is VMware Cloud Foundation. The solution-based approach is of great value from a business and technical perspective. Design and operational impacts and design decisions need to be considered both before and after the solution is deployed.  

My solo session, “Enabling Effective Solution-Based Operations with VMware Cloud Foundation,” highlights the importance of logical design mapping, day two operational impacts with physical design decisions, and business impact formulation for VCF upgrades.

Another session that may be useful for technologists interested in VCF is the panel session I was happy to work on with two colleagues from VMware. Dean Lewis, and Ann Bailey. This session walks through the VCF 3.x to 4.x transformation process. With differing viewpoints from Sales, PSO and Advisory areas of VMware, this session gives field advice to those considering a real-life upgrade.

Both sessions are now available for replay at the EMPOWER 2022 website.  

Links below;

Navigating the VMware Cloud Foundation 3.X to 4.X Customer Journey: The Field Perspective

Enabling Effective Solution-Based Operations with VMware Cloud Foundation