The Day 2 Operations of Async Tooling with VCF

VMware Cloud Foundation is a solution-based platform that is powered by VMware’s products to a consistent VMware validated design; however, as with all technology, there are several day 2 operational impacts to consider.

By ensuring VCF deployments are maintained within operational guard rails and regular updates, VCF Lifecycle management can be controlled successfully.  What can an administrator do if there are competing business constraints and requirements?  

For example, applying an unexpected full update or a major release of VCF may impact deployment/project plans & timescales.  While security compliance and risk assessments may require a specific upgrade patch to be deployed to allow workloads/applications to be consumed.

Released earlier this month, the new VCF async tool has been created to enable customers the ability to apply supported critical updates to an existing VCF deployment without applying a major release of VCF.

This provides greater flexibility for maintenance windows and project planning for large-scale VCF-powered platforms.

Before using the async tool, there are several considerations to review on the suitability of its use within your business and project.

The below mind-map and links provide more detail.

VCF Async Tooling Mind Map