Design BOMs & my vSAN licensing cheat sheet mind map

One of the important areas of any physical design is to create an appropriate bill of materials (BOM).

Matching infrastructure or software features that meet business requirements is an important skill,  initially for design success, but also in a lot of cases for the impact to the cost of projects at the running phase. 

For example, understanding feature use, scaling factors at different phases of a road map plan and any EULA restrictions (Number, site locality, combination, etc)  are critical to aid operational management.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure to present a series of “Operationalising vSAN” workshops.   Although not specifically involving licensing, a common question is “What feature, to which vSAN Edition”  & “What are the guidelines”.

Here is my mind map which I have used when discussing the subject.

vSAN Licensing Summary Mind Map

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