HCI Technical comfort using vSAN, VVD, and VCF at my VMworld 2019 US Sessions.

It has been exactly a year this week since I joined the Advanced Customer Engagement team at VMware.   It’s been a fast-moving and fun experience.   

A lot of my time has been spent working with customers on their larger projects with a focus on the vSAN and HCI deployments, growth, design considerations, etc.   I have also had the opportunity to present a fair few operationalizing vSAN/HCI workshops throughout Europe.

When the VMworld US Call for papers came along,  I thought I would base my submissions on this experience,  namely achieving Technical comfort and creating predictable infrastructure when using VMware HCI products.   

I am excited to say I have 3 sessions at the US event this year.   2 solo breakouts and a 3rd with a colleague of mine from the vSAN GSS team.  

I’m looking forward to discussing everything HCI  at the event.   If you would like to register for any of the sessions,  the  info is below and you can confirm in the schedule builder  using this link